Marketing Analysis for a Scooter Sharing Service in Milan part 1

Electric Scooter Sharing Shared Mobility

In October 2019 a professor in Politecnico di Milano, as a part of Multi-Channel Customer Strategy, conveyed a survey among the master students. The survey was about shared mobility in general, and if they would like to use an arbitrary Scooter Sharing Service in Milano (with a given pricing plan). So, being part of it we were requested to do extensive research and marketing analysis on shared mobilities all over Europe and analyze the survey results with the perspective of delivering a digital marketing strategy.

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Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, I can’t share the raw data of the survey, but in our comprehensive analysis, you can find all the necessary information.

So what is the purpose of this marketing analysis?

The purpose is to analyze the questionnaire results to understand

  • Potential customer segments
  • Their willingnesses to pay
  • The best segment to target for marketing
  • and the best pricing & billing method to maximize profit.

We have considered diversified factors to understand the behavior of potential users. Some of them cared more about the availability of shared mobility, while others were more focused on the price. We have seen the importance of age, gender, living situation, and many other factors when they’re deciding to use the service or not.

Our methodology for data analysis: Machine Learning

For our analysis, we have used various machine learning and analysis methodologies such as Factor Analysis, K-Means clustering Analysis, Regression & Logistic Regression analysis, and decision trees. We did tests for many variables and different techniques as well as diverse libraries in programming languages such as Python and R.

Thanks & Link to the Marketing Analysis Report

I would like to thank my friends Giovanni Roja, Mehmet Berk Souksu and Aslı Şenel who have put their expertise and weeks of effort into this analysis, letting us make it very unique, illuminating as well as detailed.

Here is the link to the Marketing Analysis of Electric Scooter Sharing service in Milan.

For any further clarification or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more than happy to assist you with it.

Scooter Sharing in Shared Mobility

What is Shared Mobility?

Shared mobility is all the transportation vehicles or resources that are shared among the users. Some examples are car sharing, bike sharing, motorbike sharing, scooter sharing and more. Customers pay monthly or pay-per-use to the company through an app and they unlock the vehicles. Once people arrive at their destination, they lock the vehicle again and leave it there.

Why should you use shared mobility?

Because it saves you a lot of trouble! You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your car or bike as well as no need to worry about if it is going to get stolen or not. You can just ride your bike as much as you like, and you can leave it where ever you like and whenever you decide to.

Click here for part two: Marketing Campaign Design for a Scooter Sharing service in 2020

Bike-sharing as an eco friendly shared mobility option.

Bike-sharing is the best option for people who like to be more eco-friendly but worried that their bikes are going to get stolen. I understand the size of this problem since I have done another project just on bike locks and my research for that project revealed to me how many bikes are being stolen every day. Look here to check it out: Cyclips – Business & Marketing Plan.

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