Marketing Campaign for a Scooter Sharing Company in 2020

Marketing Campaign for a Scooter sharing service in milan in 2020

This marketing campaign presentation is the second part of our marketing analysis post here: Marketing Analysis for a Scooter Sharing Service in Milan, which we did for a project as a part of the Multi-Channel Customer Strategy course in Politecnico di Milano.

What does the presentation include?

Our weeks of work (which you can find below) includes every part of designing a marketing campaign such as

  1. Data analysis
  2. Customer persona creation
  3. Content strategy
  4. Marketing plan
  5. Online and offline channels
  6. Budget planning and costs
  7. Marketing levers and KPIs
  8. Calculation of customer lifetime value
  9. and of course, expected outcomes

But before I start with our work, I’d like to give you some important information about marketing campaigns in general. If you already know about them, just skip to Our Marketing Campaign Design below.

If you want to download the marketing campaign presentation right away, go to the end of the page.

Marketing Strategy vs Campaign

Firstly marketing strategy is long term. When you are working on a strategy you should think 5, 10, or even 20 years ahead of you. Some of the questions you should answer while drafting your marketing strategy are:

  • How do you want your brand to be seen?
  • What kind of customer segments do you target?
  • What do you want your brand or your product position in the market?

But on the other hand, marketing campaigns are short term. They have a start and end date (Usually within weeks or months) as well as a specific set of actions to be completed. They have goals to be accomplished and preset Key Performance Indicators to look for after the campaign ended.

How to create a Marketing Campaign?

To be able to create a successful marketing campaign, first you should set a goal. A goal like “I want to boost my sales!” would not work. The goal has to be S.M.A.R.T. which means :

  • Specific – How much do you want to sell more with this campaign? 100 more products? 10% more of the current month? What are the numbers?
  • Measurable – What are your current sales numbers? You should know your current situation so that you can compare the campaign results.
  • Achievable – You can just say “Oh I want to double my sales next month!” But is it really possible? Be realistic.
  • Relevant – Does it align with your long term strategy? If your goal doesn’t contribute to overall objectives, it might hurt your brand or other products in the future.
  • Timely – How long will this campaign take? When will it start and end?

Once you set the goal of the marketing campaign you should focus on the actual content. Some of the questions to ask yourself when you’re designing a marketing campaign are :

  • What is the end target? Increasing sales or brand awareness, or both?
  • Who is the target segment? The campaign shouldn’t be too broad.
  • How will you reach them? Traditional channels like Television, radio & newspaper, or digital channels like social media, search engines, influencers, etc.
  • What is the meaning of the campaign? Do you want to make them feel a certain way, or teach them the features of your product?

You can learn more about it with an example in the following section.

Our Marketing Campaign Design for a Scooter Sharing service in Milan in 2020

Firstly, I’d like to thank my teammates Aslı Şenel, Berk Souksu, and Giovanni Roja for their enormous effort and hours of work for a month, coming up with this extensive campaign. I can’t tell you how much research, brainstorming, and discussions were done during our work for this project.

So, we have developed a multichannel marketing campaign for a new scooter sharing service in Milan, which is named Sonic. As you might already know, shared mobility services are increasing their popularity in Europe and in Milan. The main objectives of the campaign are raising market awareness and increasing customer acquisition while the main target of this campaign being university students in Milan.

The content of the presentation is as below:

Marketing Campaign Design in 2020 Sonic Scooter Sharing

  1. Introduction
    1. Context
    2. Benchmarking
    3. Survey (Market analysis) results
  2. Deciding Target Segment and Creating a Persona
    1. Persona
    2. Empathy Map
    3. Insight
  3. Campaign Design / 1
    1. Content Strategy
    2. Campaign Creation
  4. Campaign Design / 2
    1. Channels
    2. Touchpoints
  5. Budget Planning and Return Projection
    1. Marketing Levers
    2. Customer Lifetime Value
  6. Conclusion

As you can see in the presentation below, our goal of the marketing campaign had 2 sections: First is to create brand awareness, since it is a new brand it is important to get the name known out there. The second is to acquire customers. There are different channels and tactics which we used to reach these goals. For example, social media ads are big part of increasing brand awareness, while the referral system is more focused on customer acquisition directly.

While some channels like SEO or Word of Mouth are taking a long time to return, therefore focused on long term return on investment, other channels like Facebook and Instagram advertisements are focused on shorter terms and expected to give the return on investment much sooner.

See the presentation here

Click here to see: The marketing campaign in 2020 for a scooter sharing service in Milan.

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Marketing Campaign Design for a Scooter Sharing Service in 2020
Article Name
Marketing Campaign Design for a Scooter Sharing Service in 2020
We have developed a marketing campaign for a new scooter sharing service in Milan, which is named Sonic. The objectives of the campaign are raising market awareness and increasing customer acquisition.

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