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Computer Engineer with MSc. in Management Engineering. Advocate for freedom.

Who am I?

A small kid in a small town

I am Emre Danisan, born in the Aegean side of Anatolia, raised in Selcuk, Izmir, Turkey.

My father and my uncle were running a small carpet & souvenir shop in our small town. I was helping them with the business every day after school. And in 2009 they expanded the business opening a restaurant, “Mehmet & Ali Baba Kebab House”, Mehmet being my dad and Ali Baba being nickname of my uncle. Of course, I kept working after the school at the restaurant, even before changing my school uniform. I would go to school at 8am, come back at around 2pm, and work in the restaurant until we close around midnight. And I was loving it. 🙂

Emre & Mehmet Danisan
My dad and me in the Turkish Handmade Carpet store

Selcuk is a tiny touristic town hosting many historical sights such as Ephesus Ancient City, House of the Mary Mother, and the Temple of Artemis. Plus, we were located just next to the Ephesus Archeological Museum, so we had a lot of tourists coming to our restaurant. That was when I started learning English, for real. I was chatting with the customers all the time, asking where are they from, what do they do etc. etc. And people were enjoyed talking to a local kid.

My father was very good at running the business. In less than a couple of months after our initial opening, he made our restaurant the number 1 in the town on TripAdvisor. He taught me a lot about the business both online and offline. We started giving free Turkish Teas to our customers, plus free side dishes. We talked to every single one of them. Made them enjoy the food and the atmosphere, so they kept coming back again and again. They told others to come, which made our business the best.

This was the time my dad taught me how to be an entrepreneur.

Friendly neighborhood techy kid

I have been interested in technology since the small ages. After meeting with the computers at the age of 10 (of course, playing video games 🙂 ) I fell in love with them directly. That was the time I decided that I want to live my life working with computers. A decision that is still holds truth since 2005.

I started learning how to code when when I was going to high school. And I developed my first website at the age of 15 for my high school. I was managing the computer problems at the school other than studies. Then I was working at the restaurant in after the school. I wrote a post about the times when I met the digital business world.

Then in 2013 I started studying Computer Engineering in the most beautiful city of Turkey: Izmir.  During the bachelor I was involved in creating many projects & startups (even then I couldn’t stay far away from building businesses 🙂 ). I and my friends were always talking and learning about technology, business, entrepreneurship, and more. While studying, I also worked temporarily in the Czech Republic as a software developer as well as the United States as a salesman / digital marketer. I had the opportunity to visit more than 20+ states in the US. I graduated from the computer engineering department of Yasar University in 2017 with a 3rd degree.

Emre Danisan in Prague, Czech Republic in 2016
Me in Prague, Czech Republic in 2016

I was still a student when I started to work at one of the largest holding companies in Turkey, Yasar Holding. Suited up for my first corporate job, developing a big, cloud-based enterprise resource planning software. While perfecting my software development skills.

After about 2 years working as a software developer, I applied to study master in Italy. In the end, I won a special scholarship called Invest your talent in Italy to do a Master in Milan. So I quit my good job to follow my dream.

I started studying Management Engineering focusing on Digital Business and Market innovation in 2018 at Politecnico di Milano and learned both the theoretical and practical aspects of Digital Marketing and business management with a lot of lengthy and hard lessons & projects. I finally finished my master in December 2020. Here I talk more about my experience in studying master in Italy.

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Emre Danisan
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