How to make money online, by playing video games?

Monetize gaming audience with Gamezcode

I know making money online sounds spammy. Trust me, it’s not. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but if you love playing video games, you’ll love making money out of it too! It won’t just happen overnight. But it will.

Do you like playing video games? Yes? Perfect, then continue reading!

Plus, you don’t need to buy video game consoles or expensive gaming gears. Just a computer that can run your favorite games is more than enough!

How to make money online playing games, you wonder

The same way that the game developer companies do; promoting and selling games! If you have a youtube or some social media channel, or even a blog that you put your game recordings on, that’s more than enough. If you don’t have, then don’t worry, it is so easy to create channels and publish your first video, easier than ever before. Check out Youtube and Twitch on how to create accounts and let your friends and family to be the first subscribers. I, can help you with growing your channel to have more views and followers too.

Once you start to put videos of you playing your favorite games on the internet, and gain a few thousand followers then it is time to monetize it!

How to monetize your gaming videos? Easily, with GameZcode!

When you have a couple thousand followers and became a Micro-Influencer you are ready to monetize your audience. The company I work with, is here to help you with that. GameZcode is offering a percentage of the sales to the influencers. Since the company is working directly with the game publishers they can afford to pay higher than the market average. This also means that your audience will never receive any fake or broken game codes, which will increase your credibility in their eyes and they can refer you to others!

You can check out the game collection on the site and start playing & promoting those that you like the most. There are many popular games like Cities: Skylines, Hearts of Iron, Bloodlines, Mount & Blade Bannerlord, and more.

Once you decide to monetize your videos, just enroll on this affiliate link to get your personal link to promoting games. So you can receive money from the people who purchased through your link. Don’t forget to reach out to me so I can personally help you to use the system to get even more revenue and grow your channel! 

Don’t Forget: The global Esports industry is growing at a rate of 30% year-over-year.

This is a very rapid growth and it shows that it is the best time to start growing your gaming audience, so you can make money as much as you want for as long as you like!

Here is a short video for you to understand how the process works in detail.


Sign up here to start making money today. Or check out the awesome game collection here.

How to make money online, by playing video games?
Article Name
How to make money online, by playing video games?
Do you like playing video games? Yes? Perfect, then continue reading! If you love playing video games, you'll love making money out of it too!

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