Google was the front page of the internet. Not anymore.

Front Page of the internet

And I emphasize on was front page of the internet.

You can be one of the biggest companies existed on earth, but you can’t stop change.

I have been looking into Google and its parent company Alphabet for a project last couple of months. Even though Alphabet has many companies and products underneath, my aim today is to discuss the most important part of it: Google search engine and its advertising. What I mean by the most important part is that Google makes 86% of its revenue only by publishing ads.

So how does it work, being the front page of the internet?

Using Google is a part of our daily routine now, even integrated into English as a verb, Googling. But Google is neither the first search engine nor will it be the last. W3Catalog, which probably most of the people never heard of was the first search engine that was built in 1993. There were many others created before and after Google as well. But the company successfully managed to separate itself from the others in the last two decades and became a monopoly, so far.

The Google search engine is a type called “Crawler Based Search Engine”. Which basically searches everything in the public internet, indexes sites and publishes them. It is the same with Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.


Even if you don’t realize there are many other kinds of search engines, mostly specialized in an area. For example, Facebook search is the biggest search engine for finding people. Or if you want to search for a specific product, Amazon or AliBaba is where you go. If you are looking for a job, you don’t just go to Google and write “Engineering jobs in Milan”. You go to LinkedIn for it. These search engines are not working on all the internet but only on their own domain. Therefore they already have the data they are indexing, and most of them are not even public.

Of course, Google does not like it. It wants everyone to search on its platform and everything accessible on its site. That is why it started to put products, videos or even parts of Wikipedia pages in your search results.



Long story short, it is not too long until we find out that there is a specialized search engine for anything we are looking for. When that time comes, Google will only be used to reach that search engine. Like now Internet Explorer is only being used to download Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Google was the front page of the internet. Not anymore.
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Google was the front page of the internet. Not anymore.
You can be one of the biggest companies existed, but you can’t stop change.Front page of the internet is changing right now, click to see!
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Emre Danisan

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